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The Committee of National Security Systems (CNSS), which operates under the National Security Agency (NSA), has recertified the NPS information assurance program, noting that it meets and exceeds the national training standard for information security professionals.

CISR is approved to award the following CNSS certificates:
  NSTISSI 4011: Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professionals
     CNSSI 4012: Senior System Managers
     CNSSI 4013: System Administrators
     CNSSI 4014: Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)
  NSTISSI 4015: System Certifiers

Certificates 4011, 4013, 4014 are all awarded upon successful completion of:
  CS3030 (Computer Architecture and Operating Systems) or CS2011 (Computer Systems Principles)
  IS3502 (Computer Networks) or CS3502 (Computer Communications and Networks)
  CS3600 (Introduction to Information Assurance)
  CS3670 (Secure Management of Systems)

Certificates 4012 and 4015 are both awarded upon successful completion of:
  CS4680 (Introduction to Certification and Accreditation)

  CS3030 is for non-CS majors, CS2011 is for CS majors.
  IS3502 is for IST majors.
  CS3502 is for CS majors.
For more information on the significance of 4012 and 4015, contact Karen Burke.


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